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Rules Governing Operation of Travel Agencies

Document Code: H-801

Operation Mechanism for Organising Trips for Pilgrimage through tourism companies, travel agencies, Hajj campaigns, Islamic Centres and benevolent societies

General Conditions

1. No acceptance of applications from new tourism companies, travel agencies, benevolent societies, Hajj campaigns or Islamic Centres in European or American countries or in Australia in order to prevent each country from exceeding its quota for pilgrims.

2. Applications for visas shall be accepted from organisers who have been qualified in the preceding three years, against whom no penalties have been imposed and in accordance with the quota allocated to each, provided that the country's total quota shall not be exceeded under any circumstances whatsoever.

3. Such applications will be accepted from the first day of the 7th lunar month of every year (1st of Rajab) until the middle of the 10th lunar month of the same year (15th of Shawal).

4. A list of organisers, approved by the Ministry of Hajj, shall be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Based on this list, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall issue entry visas to individuals in order for them to conclude housing, transport and services contracts in the Kingdom. Individuals from any other companies applying for entry visas, for the sole purpose of concluding housing contracts and transport contracts for pilgrims shall be granted visas only if their names are on the approved list.

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