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Ibrahim Abandons Haajar and Ishmael

The Holy Qur'an tells us that the Prophet Ibrahim was given the task of leading mankind.

And remember that Ibrahim
Was tried by His Lord
With certain Commands
Which he fulfilled:
He said: "I will make thee
An Imam to the Nations."


Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to go Makkah. When he reached Makkah, he was commanded by Allah to abandon his second wife, Haajar, and his first-born son Ishmael in this barren, rocky, uninhabited valley.

O our Lord! I have made
Some of my offspring to dwell
In a valley without cultivation,
By The Sacred House;
In order, O our Lord, that they
May establish regular Prayer:
So fill the hearts of some
Among men with love towards them,
And feed them with Fruits
So that they may give thanks.

S 14.37

Soon Haajar's meager provisions of dates and water were exhausted and both mother and child became thirsty. Seeing the suffering of her son, Haajar became desperate to find water. She ran to the hill of Safa but found nothing. She then ran to the hill of Marwah. But again she was disappointed. Seven times she ran between the two hills. Suddenly, close to where Ishmael lay, water sprang from the earth by the command of Allah. This source of water was to become known as the well of Zamzam.

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