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Al-Jamarat Plaza

The Jamarat Bridge during peak hours Click to view high resolution version

The Jamarat Bridge during peak hours

The area of Jamarat on the plain of Mina is the site of one of the main rituals of the Hajj, where Muslims stone the devil during the annual pilgrimage. There are three Jamarat pillars, The first (minor) pillar is close to the Al-Khaif Mosque. 155 meters from the first pillar is the second (medium) pillar. The third (major) pillar, another 155 meters on, is known as the pillar of Aqabah. Pilgrims start the stoning with the minor pillar and then move on to the medium pillar and the major pillar. The stoning ceremony must be carried out according to pre-determined schedules to prevent over-crowding and the attendant risks. The Jamarat basin has been expanded from its current circular shape into an oval to allow better access to the pillars. The new arrangements provide for separate access and departure routes.

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