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This Ministry of Hajj website provides general information about all aspects of the Hajj.

Guidance on Visa Applications through Hajj Travel Agents for Pilgrims Coming from Abroad

1- Hajj visas are granted by the Saudi Government free of charge.

2- The approved travel agent will nevertheless have some administrative costs in applying for and obtaining a Hajj visa.

3- Lists of approved travel agents for both Hajj and Umrah are published on the Ministry's website and updated each year to help pilgrims avoid being cheated by unauthorized travel agents.

4- The Ministry would like to emphasize to all pilgrims the importance of having an official written contract, signed by both the Hajj organizer and the pilgrim, that clearly states the relationship between the two parties including the rights and duties of each party, the grade of service to be provided, the grade of accommodation arranged in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites and any other details which the two parties have agreed upon.

Luggage Labelling

Pilgrims must ensure all luggage is fully labelled. Pilgrims should ensure they have fixed labels on the outside and inside of all their pieces of luggage showing the Pilgrim Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Air Carrier and Flight Number.

Announcement from the Minister of Hajj

H.E Dr Fouad Al Farsy


Pilgrims can rest assured that any complaints sent by post about the problems they had faced during their Hajj experiences are under investigation and consideration by the Ministry, and that proper actions will be taken.

Rules for Hajj flights to the Kingdom


All pilgrims flying to the Kingdom for Hajj should make their bookings through an approved Hajj travel agent.  Pilgrims arriving by air must enter the Kingdom by flying direct to Jeddah or Madinah airports.