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Plan of Dispatching Pilgrims to the Jamarat Bridge

The Jamarat Bridge during peak hours Click to view high resolution version

The Jamarat Bridge during peak hours

Definition of Service:

Preparation and follow up of the plan of grouping and dispatching of pilgrims heading to the Jamarat Bridge from their camps at Mina according to the time tables that are designated pursuant to the operation capacity of the Jamarat Bridge, to ensure the safety of pilgrims and the flow of movement on the Bridge.

How the service is provided

- Designating specific times for jamarat casting that are not in the peak days on the 10th of Dhu'l-Hijjah.

- Coordination with Hajj missions and officials of tourist companies and agencies.

- Drawing up flexible schedules for grouping and dispatching of participating pilgrims to the Jamarat Bridge.

- Involving all Tawafa Establishments and stressing the need for them to adhere to the designated schedules.

- Commencing the organized grouping on schedule with the accompaniment of the establishment officials and the field service groups.

- Coordinating with all participating security authorities through the Joint Coordination Chamber.

- The field monitoring and follow up of the actual conditions and taking appropriate decisions on the spot.