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Chapter 6 - Licensee's Obligations and Standard Of Services

(Articles 29 - 39)

Article 29:

The Minister of Hajj shall issue a resolution approving the list of services to be rendered to the Mu'tamirun, including their categories, degrees, standard, quality and prices. The said list shall be prepared in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and with the consent of Minister of the Interior, and shall be considered an integral part of the By-law. A committee made up of delegates from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Hajj, shall review the list every three years or whenever need be, and submit its recommendations to the Minister of Hajj who shall make whatever amendments needed on the list after the consent of the Minister of Interior.

Article 30:

The Licensee must attend to the Mu'tamirun in all sincerity and trust according to the rules and regulation of the Decree and its Executive By-law and according to the agreed upon standard of services. The Licensee is also responsible for the reception of the Mu'tamirun at all arrival points such as airports, seaports and road check points, and for their transportation with their luggage to their residence and ensure their comfortable stay according to the terms of agreement.

Article 31:

The Licensee must confirm that return bookings of the Mu'tamirun in a convenient time. In case a Mu'tamir loses his ticket before submitting it to the Licensee, the latter must assist him in securing a replacement ticket from the agent of the carrier company which issued the ticket. Failing that for any reason, and if the Mu'tamir does not have enough money to buy a new ticket, it is the responsibility of the Licensee to secure for the Mu'tamir a return ticket and claim the reimbursement from the Foreign Party.

Article 32:

The Licensee must keep computer records - easily and automatically communicable as required by Clause 11 of Article 2 of the By-law - including the names of the Mu'tamirun, their nationalities, their ages and gender, their ticket reference, their arrival and departure dates, their passport numbers, means of transport, name of the carrier company and its agent, their residence addresses in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah, name of the person in charge of Umrah land journeys, and the type of services required by the Mu'tamirun.

The Licensee must provide a manifest certified by the Immigration Department authorities concerning the essential data about the Mu'tamirun he attends to and submit it to the Ministry within not more than twenty four hours of their arrival.

Article 33:

The Licensee must furnish the Ministry with a manifest containing information about the names and locations of hotels and furnished apartments prepared for the accommodation of the Mu'tamirun. Any changes in this respect must be communicated to the Ministry.

Article 34:

The Licensee must keep the Mu'tamirun's tickets together with a copy of their passports until their departure date(s). The Licensee is also obliged to ensure the departure of the Mu'tamirun upon the expiry of their visa in the Kingdom, and to submit to the Ministry a manifest certified by the Immigration Department authority concerning the departure of the Mu'tamirun within twenty four hours of their leaving.

Article 35:

In case any Mu'tamir fails to return home on time for valid lawful reason(s) such as illness, etc, the Licensee must inform the Ministry about that so it, in turn, would inform the Immigration authority about the new departure date of the Mu'tamir.

Article 36:

In case any Mu'tamir fails to return home for no valid and lawful reason, the Licensee must inform the Ministry of Hajj, the Police authority and the Immigration about that in order to search for him. If he is not found one month after the initial date of departure, the Licensee must provide the Ministry with a copy of his passport and ticket to be sent to the Immigration authority.

Article 37:

The Immigration authorities are allowed to grant Umrah visas to transit passengers, whose stay exceeds 24 hours at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, Prince Muhammad Ibn Abdul Aziz International Airport in Madinah or Jeddah Islamic Seaport, if they have confirmed booking and agreement with a Licensee for Umrah services.

Article 38:

The Licensee is obligated to inform the nearest health care center in case any of the Mu'tamirun he attends to catches a contagious disease, and to assist the sick person to have the necessary medical treatment in any one of the hospitals or health care centers. If the health condition of the Mu'tamir is so critical that he cannot move to the hospital or care center, the Licensee must bring a doctor to the Mu'tamir's residence at the latter's expense.

Article 39:

In case any of the Mu'tamirun dies, the Licensee is obligated to report his death to the Ministry, the Treasury, the Police and the Immigration Department. The report must include the name of the deceased, his nationality, age, passport number, an inventory of his luggage, cash and currency left behind, place of death and its cause(s). A death certificate from the competent authorities must also be furnished. The Licensee is responsible to make the necessary burial arrangements for the deceased in the Kingdom or sending his body to his country according to the legal procedures in force.