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Chapter 5 - Relationship Between The Licensee And Foreign Parties

(Articles 21 - 28)

Article 21:

To organize, arrange and execute Umrah journeys, whether individual or collective, according to the rules of the Decree and its Executive By-law, every Licensee must enter into a contract with a specific Foreign Party who shall act as agent or representative in dealing with the Mu'tamirun right from the agreement on the trip up to their arrival to the Kingdom.

Article 22:

The contracting parties on the Umrah services are free to arrange their contractual relationship according to the conditions and terms they prefer, provided they comply with the following:

1. Abidance by the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom

2. Commitment of the Foreign Party to execute, in all accuracy and discipline, the Umrah journeys, whether individual or collective; and commitment of the Licensee to provide all the services in the Kingdom as required in terms of both accuracy and efficiency.

3. The Foreign Party must provide an unconditional guarantee letter of SR 100,000 in favor of the Licensee, from an authorized bank in the Party's country, which is accredited by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Establishment. This guarantee letter shall be valid throughout the contract period and renewable with it.

4. Any disputes arising between the contracting parties in the interpretation or execution of the contract that cannot be settled amicably, shall be referred to the concerned judicial authorities or to the Court of Arbitration in the Kingdom according to the law of arbitration and its Executive By-law.

5. The interpretation and execution of the contract shall be governed by the laws and By-laws of the Kingdom, and the contracting parties can be guided by the contract model prepared by the Ministry.

6. In order to take effect, the contract must be registered and certified by the Ministry.

Article 23:

The Licensee is personally responsible before the Mu'tamir for any failure to carry out his commitments according to the terms of the agreement with the Mu'tamir.

Article 24:

No Licensee is permitted to enter into a contract with a Foreign Party already contracted with another Licensee.

Article 25:

The Licensee must, upon the completion or termination of contract with the Foreign Commercial Partner, notify in writing the Ministry as well as the Legation in the Party's country.

Article 26:

The service contract must be signed on three original copies certified by the respective authorities in the Foreign Party's country, by the Legation in that country and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom, following which it must be submitted to the Ministry for registration and certification according to Article 4:4 of the Decree.

Article 27:

In case the services contract is made with a Foreign Party in a non-Arab country, the contract must be written in Arabic and in the official language of the Partner's country or in English. Should there arise any conflict between the Arabic and non-Arabic versions of the contract, the Arabic version will overrule.

Article 28:

In case both parties of the services contract agree to make any amendment (s) in the contract, the amendment (s) must be included in the copy deposited with the Ministry according to the procedures stipulated by Article 27 of this By-law.