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Role of the Private Sector

The private sector now owns an expanding infrastructure built on the internet and economic projections.

The private sector now shares in the responsibility of ensuring the mu'tamirs are well served. As a result, the private sector has been able to redirect a large share of Umrah-related revenues to the domestic Saudi economy, revenues which previously went elsewhere.

There are now some 224 Umrah companies registered with the five UASPs and these Umrah companies have association with 3,500 overseas travel agents. There is increased service sector activity benefiting airlines, land transportation, hotels and furnished accommodation and restaurants.

The private sector is also expanding the tourism sector. The Umrah System of Regulation has created more than 2,000 jobs, including managerial and financial. In the specific area of tourism, jobs have been created for "package" designers, tour planners, marketeers, public relations staff and accommodation specialists. In the technical field, there is work for database managers, programmers and network engineers.